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Welcome to Dalmdad Landscape Photography, our online portal since 2007.

Since 2007 we have been primarily offering some of the most unique photos taken along the length of California. From images taken at California's Lost Coast, up north, to San Diego, down south, we go out of our way so you do not have to. We also offer prints from other places around the world, but only if the print is unique in some way. We try not to exhibit or sell images that can be found at any number of other websites.

While we like our pictures to be seen, and offer individual liberal licensing rights, we don't want our pictures to appear everywhere and anywhere. Therefore, we do not offer our photos through clearing houses.

All our products are professionally printed using premium paper and methods. All orders are made on-demand to customer specifications.

Oh...and you can read about our photographic and traveling exploits at our blog: DalmDad's Photo and Travel Blog

Sales and special offer coupons can often be found at our facebook site, DalmDad Landscape Photography's Facebook Page

We have a wide variety of photos on our Flickr feed. If you would like to purchase or license any photos there, contact Steve